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National League South Preview

National League South
Texas Toast
Prediction – 102-60

Offensive Rank – 3rd              Defensive Rank – 8th              Pitching Rank – 1st

Best Position Player –   
Mac Dalrymple (1B) 18th overall position player – 6th overall First Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
Jesus Astacio (SP) 8th overall pitcher – 6th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Juan Lee (P) 3 years 24 million [2.5 million bonus] (mutual option) {62nd Ranked Pitcher}
Art Mercedes (C) 3 years 13.155 million [.255 million bonus] (mutual option) {223rd Ranked Position Player}
Jesus Astacio (P) – Acquired from Scottsdale {8th Ranked Pitcher}
Odalis Hernandez (C) – Acquired from Scottsdale {50th Ranked Position Player}
Departed Players –   
Kent Ward (CF) Released, Ryan Hollins (1B) Released
Theo Nelson (3B) Traded to the Sagauros
Bobby Sterns (CF) Left for Free Agency, Pedro Arredondo (C) Left for Free Agency

The Texas Toast franchise was once was one of the few teams to never make the playoffs and in a good year they barely had a .500 record.  That all changed when current GM pjfoster13 took over the franchise.  Pjfoster13 said of his quick turn around, “I've had incredible fortune turning this team around in quick fashion, and it involved a confluence of factors, both skill and luck.  Although I took over a team that was weak in the standings, I actually inherited a ton of strong prospects across multiple positions.  Teams keep bailing me out bad contracts via waiver wire and trades and I have been very lucky in that sense.  The skill is in build a lineup for cheap (thru the draft is ideal), platoon correctly to maximize offensive output, only use players who qualify defensively at their positions (so important), pay for pitching if it makes sense, avoid unmovable long-term contracts, pick up a strong IFA every season, acquire expiring contracts and let free agents leave for comp picks.”
The one thing that has plagued Texas the last couple seasons has been that complete lack of a number one starter.  So going into the season, Texas needed to find a number one starting pitcher, which pjfoster13 explains was his number one goal, “our downfall in the last season’s playoffs was a lack of that number one starter to compete with Portland's Frank Yang.  Jesus Astacio looked to be our best option on that front so trading franchise player Theo Nelson was a no braining with the log jam this team had at the third base position”
With a team stacked full of young players, it would be hard to see a rookie player making an impact but I believe teams should look out for Rex Wagner this season.  Pjfoster13 said of his young outfielders, “if we can find him enough playing time he could probably get 15-20 HR and 20-25 doubles.  This lineup is scary good with all its young players, as it’s hard to believe that I have 13 hitters barely making over 5 million this season, we will find Wagner the at-bats.”
Expected Lineup
Odalis Hernandez – Catcher
Mac Dalrymple – First Basemen
Pepe Gregorius – Second Basemen
Nick Holmes – Third Basemen
Moises Unamuno – Shortstop
Bob Vernon – Leftfield
Ricky Boyle – Centerfield
Rex Wagner – Rightfield
Expected Pitchers
Jesus Astacio
Jesus Miro
Geraldo Zorrilla
Daniel Peterson
Lyle Spencer
Mike Prinz – Closer
And The Texas Rangers
The window for a serious World Series run for Texas is wide open right now.  This team is young and hungry to proof that they are the best.  Pjfoster13 added, “Texas' window to make a title run is definitely open, but the national league is indeed very tough. Rochester made some bold moves to acquire top-end pitching talent, Toronto looks to be taking a step back but Buffalo looks tough and Fresno is a persistent challenger, plus you could have a shocker like Portland making a run in the playoffs, anything can happen in a short playoff series.”  Look for Texas to make a series run for the title, as they are my pick to win the whole thing and claim it’s franchise first ever World Series title.  Billboards throughout Texas has been plastered with a simply message, BRING HOME THE FLAG.

Mexico City Cartel
Prediction – 95-67

Offensive Rank – 2nd             Defensive Rank – 27th              Pitching Rank – 16th

Best Position Player –   
Richie Wise (SS) 8th overall position player – 1st overall Shortstop
Best Pitcher –       
Tony Velazquez (SP) 20th overall pitcher – 14th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Wilt Richard (LF) Claimed off Waivers
Departed Players –   
Tarrik Tabaka (LF) Released
Walt Bolden (P) Traded to the Phillies
Miguel Alfonzo (P) Left for Free Agency, Jason Jakubauskas (CF) Left for Free Agency, Patrick Holmes (P) Left for Free Agency

San Juan Plan B
Prediction – 93-69

Offensive Rank – 6th             Defensive Rank – 5th              Pitching Rank – 11th

Best Position Player –   
Bobby Ray Williams (LF) 45th overall position player – 7th overall Left Fielder
Best Pitcher –       
Del Blowers (SP) 34th overall pitcher – 23rd overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Al Prado (CF) 1 year 4.2 million {170th Ranked Position Player}
Rafael Montanez (P) 1 year 2.7 million {168th Ranked Pitcher}
Ismael Chavez (P) 1 year .715 million
Walker Bulger (C) 1 year .830 million
Leonardo Gyorko (3B) – Rule-5 Draftee
Rubby Diaz (2B) – Rule-5 Draftee
Louie Wasdin (P) – Claimed off Waivers
Fernando Abreu (LF) – Claimed off Waivers
Luis Sojo (LF) – Claimed off Waviers
Junior Williams (CF) – Claimed off Waivers {261st Ranked Position Player}
Sal Waters (P) – Claimed off Waivers
Departed Players –   
Javier Estrada (P) Released
Al Baez (2B) Declined Option
Sean Andrelczyk (P) Left for Free Agency, Oswaldo Martinez (2B) Left for Free Agency, Fritz Peterson (C) Left for Free Agency, Freddy Hughes (P) Left for Free Agency, Giomar Navarre (P) Left for Free Agency, Torii Springer (LF) Left for Free Agency, William Chen (P) Left for Free Agency

New Orleans Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler
Prediction – 79-83

Offensive Rank – 19th              Defensive Rank – 15th              Pitching Rank – 12th

Best Position Player –   
Arthur McIntyre (LF) 57th overall position player – 8th overall Left Fielder
Best Pitcher –       
Charles Carpenter (RP) 21st overall pitcher – 7th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -       
Reed Stohr (P) 2 years 5.6 million {156th Ranked Pitcher}
Gary Ruffin (P) – Rule-5 Draftee {323rd Ranked Pitcher}
Stephen Douglas (C) – Rule-5 Draftee {298th Ranked Position Player}
Naoto Martin (P) – Claimed off Waivers
Nick Matheson (P) – Claimed off Waivers {332nd Ranked Pitcher}   
Departed Players –   
R.J. Lopez (P) Released, J.R. Payne (P) Released, Greg Gross (3B) Released
Ben Fonville (LF) Left for Free Agency, Juan Martinez (P) Left for Free Agency, Ron Beck (1B) Left for Free Agency, Al Olmedo (SS) Left for Free Agency

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