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National League North Preview

National League North
Toronto Brigands
Prediction – 96-66
Offensive Rank – 5th             Defensive Rank – 1st             Pitching Rank – 6th

Best Position Player –   
Benjamin Buford (2B) 17th overall position player – 2nd overall Second Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
Valerio Espinosa (SP) 32nd overall pitcher – 21st overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -        
Danys Suarez (P) 2 years 10.8 million (no trade clause) {201st Ranked Pitcher}
Sean Andrelczyk (P) 2 years 4.6 million {120th Ranked Pitcher}
Departed Players –
Cookie Sakamoto (C) Released
Shouhei Sugawara (P) Declined Option
Adam Cohen (C) Traded to Rochester
Luis Rodriguez (P) Left for Free Agency, Juan Lee (P) Left for Free Agency

The Toronto Brigands last season had the best record in Ricky for the third straight year but once again fell short of the ultimate goal of winning the World Series for the third straight year.  The questions that the league is asking, is the Toronto Dynasty coming to an end or is it just a small dry spell for the team?
The one constant for Toronto on this run has been its pitching but its GM rquiin9 admitted, “Our starting pitching won't be as strong as it has been for the past six or seven seasons, but it should compete for one of the better rotations in the league this season.  The leaving of Juan Lee and Luis Rodriguez will hurt but we are confident that Danys Suarez and Sean Andrelczyk will take their place,”
There will be a new look behind the plate this season in Toronto as all-star Adam Cohen was traded away so that young catcher Wilmer Chavez will be taking his place.  Rquin9 added, “Wilmer Chavez will be an impact rookie behind the plate with his strong ability to call a game.”
Expected Lineup:
Wilmer Chavez – Catcher
Harry Cruz – First Basemen
Benjamin Buford – Second Basemen
Alex Accardo – Third Basemen
Matty Guzman – Shortstop
Jerome Jackson – Leftfield
Kiki Lee – Centerfield
Alex James – Rightfield
Expected Pitchers:
Shouhei Sugawara
Benji Lee
Valerio Espinosa
Cesar Colomep
Danys Suarez
Freddy McMichael
And the Six Shooters

The Brigands should have no problems making the playoffs once again and should be seen as one of the favorites to win the World Series, well that is if they do not face Fresno in the playoffs, rquin9 said he hates facing Fresno as they always seem play extremely well against them.  The Brigands do not look like they will be given up the title of best in the league anytime soon, as they are merely reloading this season.  That is just a very scary thought in the long term for the National League.

       Buffalo Stampeding Herd
Prediction – 83-79
Offensive Rank – 17th             Defensive Rank – 21st             Pitching Rank – 4th  

Best Position Player –   
Jimmy Towers (C) 20th overall position player – 1st overall Catcher
Best Pitcher –       
Nick Barfield (SP) 5th overall pitcher – 4th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Calvin Dawley (P) 4 years 13.2 million (mutual option) {133rd Ranked Pitcher}
Milt Andrews (P) 2 years 7.8 million (mutual option) {154th Ranked Pitcher}
Philip Boyd (C) 2 years 1.5 million (mutual option)
Kent Ward (CF) 3 years 12.3 million (mutual option) {186th Ranked Position Pitcher}
Edgmer Estrada (RF) 2 years 4.4 million (mutual option)
Polin Salinas (LF) – Acquired from Omaha {143rd Ranked Position Player}
Aramis Domingo (SS) – Rule-5 Draftee
Alcides Espada (RF) – Claimed off Waivers
Marc Payton (LF) – Claimed off Waivers
Departed Players -   
Ray Hernandez (1B) Declined Option, Ron Cloud (P) Declined Option, Juan Alvarez (P) Declined Option, Junior Escuela (LF) Declined Option
Dummy Wells (CF) Left for Free Agency, Sadie Hodges (P) Left for Free Agency

Ottawa Fat Cats
Prediction – 72-90
Offensive Rank – 22nd             Defensive Rank – 24th              Pitching Rank – 28th   

Best Position Player –   
Yeico Rosado (SS) 73rd overall position player – 3rd overall Shortstop
Best Pitcher –       
Fausto Casilla (SP) 81st overall pitcher – 47th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Gene Alexander (3B) 3 years 15 million {235th Ranked Position Player}
Esmerling James (2B) 5 years 37.7 million (mutual option) {310th Ranked Position Player}
Yeico Rosado (SS) 5 years 36.0 million (mutual option) {73rd Ranked Position Player}
Don Wagner (P) 1 year 2.0 million {248th Ranked Pitcher}
Gary Shannon (P) – Rule-5 Draftee {126th Ranked Pitcher}
Departed Players –   
Dennis Servais (1B) Released, Jung-Lee Chen (P) Released, Victor Montero (P) Released
Ariel Estrella (C) Left for Free Agency, Ezdra Sanchez (3B) Left for Free Agency

Madison Mxyzptlks
Prediction – 70-92
Offensive Rank – 25th             Defensive Rank – 17th             Pitching Rank – 21st

Best Position Player –   
James Bagley (3B) 81st overall position player – 12th overall Third Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
Rudy Witt (SP) 12th overall pitcher – 9th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Juan Rosales (P) 1 year 3.2 million {no trade clause) {303rd Ranked Pitcher}
Rob Stetter (P) 1 year 2.8 million {237th Ranked Pitcher}
Rey Jang (SS) 1 year .890 million {245th Ranked Position Player}
Harvey Serrano (LF) 2 years 4.2 million {372nd Ranked Position Player}
Allen Thielman (P) – Rule-5 Draftee {240th Ranked Pitcher}
Tommy Parnell (P) – Rule-5 Draftee
Joaquin Terrero (C) – Rule-5 Draftee {278th Ranked Position Player}
Departed Players –
Juan Dotel (3B) Released, Clark Benson (RF) Released, Sean Law (LF) Released, Ismael Jacquez (P) Released, Robinzon Marquez (P) Released
Dewayne Pickett (3B) Left for Free Agency, Cristian Jiang (RF) Left for Free Agency, Hi Piper (P) Left for Free Agency, Jonathan Roberts (P) Left for Free Agency, Artie Power (P) Left for Free Agency

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