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American League North Preview

American League North
Seattle Pilots
Prediction – 91-71
Offensive Rank – 14th              Defensive Rank – 10th             Pitching Rank – 17th

Best Position Player –
Jose Tejada (1B) 13th overall position player – 5th overall First Basemen
Best Pitcher –
Yonder Mercedes (RP) 3rd overall pitcher – 1st overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -       
Bert Leach (SS) – 5 years 27 million (Mutual Option) {263rd Ranked Position Player}
Alexi Avila (P) – 5 years 29 million (Mutual Option) {302nd Ranked Pitcher}
Cristian Hatcher (2B) – 3 years 19.5 million (Mutual Option) {80th Ranked Position Player}
Humberto Guerrero (RF) – 2 years 7.6 million (Mutual Option) {157th Ranked Position Player}
Yonder Mercedes (P) – 5 years 81.4 million (Mutual Option) {3rd Ranked Pitcher}
Everett Dolan (P) – Acquired from Austin {114 Ranked Pitcher}
Trevor Browning (2B) – Acquired from Helena {125th Ranked Position Player}
Edgar Guzman (3B) – Acquired from Helena {192nd Ranked Position Player}
Willie Saenz (P) – Acquired from Helena {85th Ranked Pitcher}
Pete Willis (RF) – Acquired from Helena {255th Ranked Position Player}
Javier Castro (SS) – Rule-5 Draftee {236th Ranked Position Player}
Gary Burnett (1B) – Claimed off Waivers {283rd Ranked Position Player}
Departed Players –   
Ricky Stevens (2B) – Traded to Austin, Andres Lecuona (SS) Traded to Austin, Takashi Lin (LF) – Traded to Helena, Felipe Villanueva (P) – Traded to Helena
Juan Rosales (P) Left for Free Agency, Pedro Hernandez (SS) Left for Free Agency, Don Wagner (P) Left for Free Agency, Chico Villano (3B) Left for Free Agency, Monte Medina (DH) Left for Free Agency, Humberto Petit (P) Left for Free Agency, Justin Upton (C) Left for Free Agency, Ebenezer Karl (P) Left for Free Agency, Marlon Gutierrez (P) Left for Free Agency

Minnesota Twins
Prediction – 85-77
Offensive Rank – 11th               Defensive Rank – 19th                Pitching Rank – 20th

Best Position Player –   
Ichiro Yang (1B) 3rd overall position player – 2nd overall First Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
George Blackburn (RP) 51st overall pitcher – 21st overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -   
Wiki Flores (1B) 3 years 11.5 million (Team Option) {158th Ranked Position Player}
Rafael Canseco (P) – Claimed off Waivers {274th Ranked Pitcher}
Departed Players –   
Lenny Mora (P) Released, Domingo Solano (P) Released, Alexi Avila (P) Released
Vic Cortes (3B) Left for Free Agency, Victor Pizzaro (DH) Left for Free Agency, R.J. Diaz (P) Left for Free Agency, Luis Aguilar (P) Left for Free Agency

Minnesota Twins have turned the corner in bringing this franchise back to its glory days, as the team celebrated its first 80 win season in ten seasons. Mcbellows the owner added, “Feeling pretty good about another small step forward this year. Goal is 85 wins and we will party likes its season eight again.”    
The Twins really did not add any new talent through free agency or the trade block, as mcbellows was explaining that getting a pitcher on the free agent market is expensive and something just grabbing a waiver wire fifth spot starter is just as good.
“I know heading into this season the bullpen could be a struggle but I believe that a full season of Jorge Pineda and Tony Furcal should provide that stable presence we need to succeed.”   Mcbellows added about his team biggest weakness.
Expected Lineup:
James Chambers – Catcher
Wiki Flores – First Basemen
Damaso Bolivar – Second Basemen
Pedro Gonzalez – Third Basemen
Yusmeiro Jimenez – Shortstop
George Monahan – Leftfield
Donald Lim – Centerfield
Ichiro Yang – Rightfield
David Lindblom – Designated Hitter

Expected Pitchers –
Eduardo Johnson
Julio Figueroa
Rick Forrest
Rafael Canseco
Greg Fossum
Jorge Pineda – Closer
Band of misfit toys
The Minnesota Twins are a team that is desperate to get back in the winning column.  Ten straight losing seasons is hard on any franchise, as the fans start to lose interest and management start getting desperate.  The Twins should make that leap to a winning record this season.  The Twins do have some weakness in their bullpen and depth behind their starters, so reaching the playoffs may not be realistic this season but the future is bright for the team.


Milwaukee Bears
Prediction – 82-80
Offensive Rank – 18th              Defensive Rank – 3rd             Pitching Rank – 9th

Best Position Player –   
Rafael Brogna (3B) 12th overall position player – 2nd overall First Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
Bob Trujillo (SP) 96th overall pitcher – 56th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -   
Departed Players –
Ted Cintron (P) Released, Sam Jaramillo (P) Released, Francis Robinson (P) Released, Allan Weston (P) Released
Garry Forbes (SS) Left for Free Agency, Miguel Flores (P) Left for Free Agency, Tomas DaSilva (P) Left for Free Agency

E:\Databases\G\Giraffes.jpg Pawtucket Marathon Men
Prediction – 80-82
Offensive Rank – 16th              Defensive Rank – 4th               Pitching Rank – 14th    

Best Position Player –   
Ozzie Graham (3B) 10th overall position player – 1st overall third Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
Trent McElroy (RP) 11th overall pitcher – 3rd overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -       
Departed Players –   
Miguel Siqueiros (CF) Option Declined
Ham Fisher (P) Left for Free Agency, Joaquin Pineiro (C) Left for Free Agency, Richie Rivera (DH) Left for Free Agency, Ramiro Bravo (SS) Left for Free Agency

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