Friday, June 12, 2015

National League East Preview

National League East
Durham Spitoons
Prediction – 82-80
Offensive Rank – 13th             Defensive Rank – 23rd              Pitching Rank – 26th

Best Position Player –   
Freddy Lawrence (RF) 16th overall position player – 2nd overall Right Fielder
Best Pitcher –       
Dario Griffin (SP) 14th overall pitcher – 10th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Bobby Sterns (2B) 3 years 14.4 million {188th ranked position player}
Alex Crespo (P) 2 years 10.4 million {313th ranked pitcher}
Alex Neruda (P) 2 years 8 million {273rd ranked pitcher}
Carlos Arias (3B) 1 year 2.2 million (no trade clause) {144th ranked position player}
Mike Cox (P) 1 year .360 million {324th ranked pitcher}
Rafael Arroyo (SS) 1 year 1.3 million {288th ranked position player}
Javier Estrada (P) 2 years 4 million (mutual option) {263rd ranked pitcher}
Roger Shiell (P) 2 years 2.4 million (mutual option) {294th ranked pitcher}
Departed Players –
Charles Yamamoto (SS) Declined Option, John Sano (P) Declined Option, Albie Martinez (3B) Declined Option
Vinny Berkman (P) Left for Free Agency, Alex Bang (P) Left for Free Agency, Ivan Arias (P) Left for Free Agency, Willie Minor (P) Left for Free Agency, Esmerling James (2B) Left for Free Agency, Cristian Hatcher (2B) Left for Free Agency

Rochester Rhinos
Prediction – 77-85

Offensive Rank – 27th             Defensive Rank – 25th              Pitching Rank – 2nd

Best Position Player –   
Adam Cohen (C) 52nd overall position player – 14th overall Catcher
Best Pitcher –       
J.P. Hutch (SP) 2nd overall pitcher –2nd overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -       
Fritz Peterson (C) 2 years 6.8 million {72nd Ranked Position Player}
J.P. Hutch (P) – Acquired from the Phillies {2nd Ranked Pitcher}
Kevin Cheung (P) – Acquired from the Sativa {10th Ranked Pitcher}
Adam Cohen (C) – Acquired from the Brigands {52nd Ranked Position Player}
Departed Players –   
Tony Cruz (P) Released, Gary Donald (2B) Released, Raul Torrealba (C) Released
Benito Ayala (RF) Traded to Philadelphia, Tomas Familia (P) Traded to Philadelphia, Dick Daly (P) Traded to Salem, Rickey Lawton (P) Traded to Salem
Calvin Dawley (P) Left for Free Agency, Phil Gordon (CF) Left for Free Agency, Art Mercedes (C) Left for Free Agency, Stephen McCormick (RF) Left for Free Agency, Manuel Ortiz (C) Left for Free Agency

Washington D.C. Seals
Prediction – 61-101

Offensive Rank – 30th             Defensive Rank – 29th             Pitching Rank – 30th   

Best Position Player –   
Dan Pierce (CF) 333rd overall position player – 37th overall Second Basemen
Best Pitcher –       
Artie Mortensen (RP) 149th overall pitcher – 64th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -       
Dan Pierce (LF) - Rule-5 Draftee {333rd Ranked Position Player}
Ken Heredia (LF) - Rule-5 Draftee {336th Ranked Position Player}
Tike Browne (C) – Claimed off Waivers {346th Ranked Position Player}
Departed Players –   
Alfredo Caballero (LF) Released
Oswaldo Martinez (SS) Traded to Fresno
Allen Street (LF) Left for Free Agency, Jaret Little (P) Left for Free Agency, Bret Starr (P) Left for Free Agency, Chad Gray (P) Left for Free Agency, Philip Allen (P) Left for Free Agency, Cesar Matos (DH) Left for Free Agency, Darin Hobbes (P) Left for Free Agency, Bert Leach (SS) Left for Free Agency

Norfolk N'Way
Prediction – 58-104

Offensive Rank – 26th             Defensive Rank – 26th             Pitching Rank – 31st  

Best Position Player –   
Jeff Knowles (C) 31st overall position player – 4th overall Catcher
Best Pitcher –       
Donatello Brown (RP) 61st overall pitcher – 26th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -       
Harry Blanco (P) 4 years 16 million {209th Ranked Pitcher}
Orber Nieves (C) 1 year 1.9 million {128th Ranked Position Player}
Departed Players –
P.T. Aguilar (P) Left for Free Agency, Trenidad Espada (C) Left for Free Agency, Casey Hollins (P) Left for Free Agency, Orlando Mendoza (P) Left for Free Agency, Matty Walters (P) Left for Free Agency, Steve Harper (P) Left for Free Agency, Curtis Brock (P) Left for Free Agency

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