Wednesday, February 4, 2015


National League North
Toronto Brigands
Prediction – 99-63
Offensive Rank – 4th Defensive Rank – 11th Pitching Rank – 4th

Best Position Player –
Alex Accardo (SS) 13th overall position player – 2nd overall Shortstop
Best Pitcher –
Valerio Espinosa (SP) 43rd overall pitcher – 27th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -
Domingo Park (P) 5 years 36.5 million (mutual option)
Freddy McMichael (P) 3 years 11.4 million (mutual option)
Departed Players –
Ned Kashmir (RF) Left for Free Agency, Carlos Arias (3B) Left for Free Agency, Gregory Hutton (P) Left for Free Agency

Buffalo Stampeding Herd
Prediction – 83-79
Offensive Rank – 28th Defensive Rank – 8th Pitching Rank – 5th

Best Position Player –
Jimmy Towers (C) 11th overall position player – 2nd overall Catcher
Best Pitcher –
Steven Monroe (RP) 7th overall pitcher – 4th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -
Walker Shumaker (SS) 1 year 1.5 million
Albert Tavarez (P) 3 years 12 million (mutual option)
Sadie Hodges (P) 1 year 1.4 million
Thomas Cooper (1B) 5 years 33.5 million (mutual option)
Diory Bolivar (LF) Required in Trade
Hipolito Johnson (3B) Rule 5 Draftee
Benny Azocar (2B) Rule 5 Draftee
Derrick Vaughn (C) Claimed off Waivers
Departed Players -
Albert Holtz (P) Traded to New Orleans, Oswaldo Martinez (2B) Traded to Augusta
Milton Guerrero (2B) Released
Britt Adams (SS) Left for Free Agency, Kirt Fogg (P) Left for Free Agency, Jesse Owens (RF) Left for Free Agency, Babe Saberhagen (1B) Left for Free Agency, James Workman (P) Left for Free Agency, Milton Guerrero (2B) Left for Free Agency, Miguel Alfonzo (P) Left for Free Agency
Detroit Shadynasty
Prediction – 71-91
Offensive Rank – 29th Defensive Rank – 18th Pitching Rank – 19th

Best Position Player –
James Bagley (3B) 60th overall position player – 8th overall Third Basemen
Best Pitcher –
Rudy Witt (SP) 35th overall pitcher – 12th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -
Cesar Vega (P) 5 years 25 million [2 million signing bonus]
Alfonso Hernandez (P) 5 years 21 million [2 million signing bonus]
Chad Estes (P) 1 year 745K
Stevie Jones (1B) 1 year 1.6 million
Hi Piper (P) 1 year 800K
Ismael Jacquez (P) 1 year 935K
Jonathan Roberts (P) 1 year 790K
Wyatt Douglas (LF) Rule 5 Draftee
Von Gilmore (3B) Rule 5 Draftee
Chico Carrasco (2B) Rule 5 Draftee
Albert Dunham (RF) Rule 5 Draftee
Koyie Nevin (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Tony Hall (3B) Rule 5 Draftee
Gregory Hutton (P) Claimed off Waivers
Departed Players –
Orlando Gonzalez (C) Released, Steve Harper (P) Released
Nate Bechler (LF) Left for Free Agency, Al Dunn (LF) Left for Free Agency, Eugenio Cervantes (P) Left for Free Agency, Lon Burch (LF) Left for Free Agency

Ottawa Fat Cats
Prediction – 59-103
Offensive Rank – 23rd Defensive Rank – 27th Pitching Rank – 32nd

Best Position Player –
Pete Mitchell (C) 54th overall position player – 12th overall Catcher
Best Pitcher –
Nate Carlson (SP) 87th overall pitcher – 33rd overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -
Fausto Casilla (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Jared Parker (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Departed Players –
Mickey O'Neill (1B) Released, Carlos Calles (P) Released, Cesar Vega (P) Released
Patrick Holmes (P) Left for Free Agency

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