Wednesday, February 4, 2015


American League South
Austin Armadillos
Prediction – 87-75

Offensive Rank – 13th              Defensive Rank – 10th             Pitching Rank – 20th

Best Position Player –
Dan Kroeger (DH) 4th overall position player – 1st overall Designated Hitter
Best Pitcher –
Harley Stark (SP) 2nd overall pitcher – 2nd overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -
Ryuu Funaki (LF) 2 years 4.4 million
Branch Fisher (3B) 5 years 34.7 million (mutual option)
Cameron Vaughn (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Departed Players –
Dennis Johjima (3B) Released, Victor Montero (P) Released
Deivi Dali (SS) Left for Free Agency, Mike Osbourne (LF) Left for Free Agency

El Paso Mars Volta
Prediction – 80-82

Offensive Rank – 30th                  Defensive Rank – 7th                Pitching Rank – 11th

Best Position Player –
John Tateyama (1B) 30th overall position player – 6th overall First Basemen
Best Pitcher –
Reed Stohr (SP) 67th overall pitcher – 43rd overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -

Departed Players –
Juan Rosales (P) Decline Option
Humberto Petit (P) Left for Free Agency, Hi Piper (P) Left for Free Agency, Ben Fonville (LF) Left for Free Agency, Juan Rosales (P) Left for Free Agency, Ossie Sabathia (P) Left for Free Agency, Joseph Kojima (P) Left for Free Agency, Fernando Eusebio (C) Left for Free Agency

Florida Illegal Immigrants
Prediction – 80-82

Offensive Rank – 8th                   Defensive Rank – 32nd              Pitching Rank – 7th

Best Position Player –
Eduardo Francisco (1B) 79th overall position player – 11th overall First Basemen
Best Pitcher –
Russell Olsen (SP) 1st overall pitcher – 1st overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players –
Vance Hocking (3B) 2 years 5.6 million
Jhoulys Owen (DH) 1 year 2.3 million
Louie Hernandez (P)
Dan May (C)
Rico Montanez (P) Required in Trade
Al Park (P) Required in Trade
Odalis Aguilera (P) Required in Trade
Tom Bryant (RF) Required in Trade
Benito Rios (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Victor De La Vega (SS) Rule 5 Draftee
Gregory Wallace (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Larry Strickland (2B) Rule 5 Draftee
Departed Players –
Peter Johnston (RF) Traded to Augusta, King Yearwood (P) Traded to Rochester, Dick Daly (P) Traded to Rochester
Andres James (CF) Released
Albert Tavarez (P) Left for Free Agency, Domingo Espinosa (C) Left for Free Agency, Saul Gonzales (P) Left for Free Agency, Malik Carpenter (LF) Left for Free Agency, Dennis Heath (2B) Left for Free Agency

Richmond Rebels
Prediction – 68-94

Offensive Rank – 26th             Defensive Rank – 17th             Pitching Rank – 28th

Best Position Player –
Victor Blasco (SS) 19th overall position player – 3rd overall Shortstop
Best Pitcher –
Dave Spivey (RP) 48th overall pitcher – 15th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -

Departed Players –
Max Aguilar (3B) Decline Option
Marlon Gutierrez (P) Left for Free Agency, Hoss Rhodes (P) Left for Free Agency, Max Aguilar (3B) Left for Free Agency, Wilkin Bocachica (RF) Left for Free Agency, Donaldo Serra (P) Left for Free Agency, Cyrus Palmer (LF) Left for Free Agency

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