Wednesday, February 4, 2015


American League East
Louisville Sluggers
Prediction – 82-80

Offensive Rank – 18th      Defensive Rank – 14th        Pitching Rank – 23rd

Best Position Player –
Yonder Zurbaran (CF) 26th overall position player – 1st overall Centerfielder
Best Pitcher –
Benito Olivares (SP) 38th overall pitcher – 24th overall starting pitcher
Added Players –
Anthony Scott (LF) 2 years 5.6 million
Roger Shiell (P) 2 years 4.7 million (mutual option) (trade veto)
Ozzie Patton (P) 2 years 5.1 million (mutual option)
Benito Olivares (P) 2 years 12.2 million [6 million signing bonus] (trade veto)
Patrick Justice (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Ron Spangenberg (2B) Rule 5 Draftee
Departed Players –
Otis Francoeur (1B) Released, Walt Garcia (RF) Released, Kiki Perez (P) Released
Hideki Cheng (CF) – Option Declined
Miguel Canseco (P) Left for Free Agency, Luke Jackson (P) Left for Free Agency, Ruben Franco (CF) Left for Free Agency, Eduardo Johnson (P) Left for Free Agency, Julio Domingo (3B) Left for Free Agency

New Yoarrk Mud Shks
Prediction – 80-82

Offensive Rank – 22nd         Defensive Rank – 21st           Pitching Rank – 10th

Best Position Player –
Hipolito Paniagua (2B) 3rd overall position player – 1st overall second basemen
Best Pitcher –
J.P. Hutch (SP) 4th overall pitcher – 4th overall starting pitcher
Added Players -
Danys Suarez (P) 2 years 7.6 Million (mutual option)
Seth Sierra (P) 2 years 5.8 Million (mutual option)
Carlos Calles (P) 2 years 4.6 Million (mutual option)
Alex Neruda (P) 2 years 4.6 Million (mutual option)
Herman Maier (2B) Claimed off Waivers
Departed Players –
Joshua Phillips (LF) Released, Jesus Beltre (P) Released, Zephyr Thomas (P) Released
Don Wagner (P) Declined Option
Brian Randolph (C) Left for Free Agency, Kent Shields (P) Left for Free Agency, Victor Pizzaro (DH) Left for Free Agency, Freddy McMichael (P) Left for Free Agency, Bey Wright (P) Left for Free Agency, Alfredo Astacio (P) Left for Free Agency

Indianapolis Indians
Prediction – 64-98

Offensive Rank – 14th            Defensive Rank – 30th              Pitching Rank – 31st

Best Position Player –
Dale Rolle (DH) 9th overall position player – 2nd overall Designated Hitter
Best Pitcher –
Ryne Crow (RP) 33rd overall pitcher – 19th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -
Esmerling Encarnacion (P) 2 years 2.4 Million
Fritz Burks (P) 1 year 625K
Zephyr Thomas (P) 1 year 1.1 Million
Departed Players –
Francis Robinson (P) Released
Thomas Cooper (1B) Left for Free Agency, Harry Jacquez (P) Left for Free Agency, Darin Hobbes (P) Left for Free Agency, Albert Marmol (P) Left for Free Agency, Howard Feliciano (P) Left for Free Agency, Juan Prieto (P) Left for Free Agency

St. Louis Buschwackers
Prediction – 62-100
Offensive Rank – 32nd           Defensive Rank – 15th          Pitching Rank – 30th

Best Position Player –
Midre Castillo (LF) 144th overall position player – 19th overall Leftfielder
Best Pitcher –
Ken O'Neil (RP) 56th overall pitcher – 25th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -
Ned Kashmir (RF) 2 years 9 million (mutual option)
Jesse Owens (RF) 2 years 2.8 million (mutual option)
Carson Raines (P) 5 years 69 million (mutual option)
Joshua Phillips (LF) 2 years 7.2 million (mutual option)
Lon Burch (LF) 1 year 3.3 million
Midre Castillo (LF) 1 year 2.2 million
Nate Bechler (LF) 1 year 327K
Max Aguilar (3B) 1 year 1.9 million
Milton Guerrero (2B) 1 year 3.1 million
Eduardo Tarraga (1B) 2 years 2.6 million
Miguel Valbuena (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Departed Players –
Adam Richardson (2B) Released, Tim Ford (2B) Released
Justin Waters (LF) Left for Free Agency
Justin Wells (RF) Traded to Fresno, Eli Flores (P) Traded to New Orleans

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