Wednesday, February 4, 2015


National League East
Rochester Rhinos
Prediction – 84-78
Offensive Rank – 25th               Defensive Rank – 6th              Pitching Rank – 8th

Best Position Player –
Cristian Hatcher (LF) 76th overall position player – 7th overall Left Fielder
Best Pitcher –
Jamey Lee (SP) 16th overall pitcher – 11th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -
Gus George (SS) 4 years 24.8 million (player option) (trade veto)
Britt Adams (SS) 2 years 6 million
Darin Hobbes (P) 1 year 5 million (trade veto)
King Yearwood (P) Required in Trade
Dick Daly (P) Required in Trade
Departed Players –
Tom Bryant (RF) Trade to Florida
Brady Duchscherer (3B) Released, Ricardo Arencibia (LF) Released, Ed Bryant (P) Released
Anibal Johnson (SS) Left for Free Agency
Durham Spitoons
Prediction – 79-83

Offensive Rank – 10th             Defensive Rank – 25th          Pitching Rank – 24th

Best Position Player –
Freddy Lawrence (RF) 2nd overall position player – 1st overall Right Fielder
Best Pitcher –
Dario Griffin (SP) 14th overall pitcher – 6th overall Starting Pitcher
Added Players -
Kent Shields (P) 2 years 3.8 million
Alex Bang (P) 1 year 1.4 million
Alfredo Caballero (LF) 1 year 2.7 million
Dernell Reddick (3B) 4 years 21.6 million
Willie Minor (P) 1 year 710K
John Sano (P) 2 years 3 million (mutual option)
Departed Players –
Sandy Stockton (P) Released, Esmerling Encarnacion (P) Released
Gus George (SS) Declined Option
Fritz Burks (P) Left for Free Agency, Anthony Scott (LF) Left for Free Agency, Midre Castillo (LF) Left for Free Agency, Torey Tarraga (P) Left for Free Agency, D'Angelo Gonzales (CF) Left for Free Agency, Tony Stevenson (P) Left for Free Agency
Amos Holt (P) Retired

Augusta Nationals
Prediction – 75-87

Offensive Rank – 11th        Defensive Rank – 24th        Pitching Rank – 29th

Best Position Player –
Oswaldo Martinez (2B) 32nd overall position player – 3rd overall Second Basemen
Best Pitcher –
Artie Mortensen (RP) 166th overall pitcher – 85th overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -
Jaret Little (P) 1 year 920K
Philip Allen (P) 1 year 1.1 million
Kiki Perez (P) 2 years 4 million
Albert Koch (P) 2 years 3 million
Ed Bryant (P) 2 years 4.4 million
Peter Johnston (RF) Required from Trade
Oswaldo Martinez (2B) Required from Trade
Artie Mortensen (P) Rule 5 Draftee
Departed Players –
Diory Bolivar (LF) Traded to Buffalo, Rico Montanez (P) Trade to Florida, Al Park (P) Trade to Florida
Gabe Murray (RF) Released, Edgardo Torres (1B) Released, Pedro Navarre (P) Released, Chad Estes (P) Released, Brent Archer (P) Released
Julio Pujols (SS) Declined Option, Branch Fisher (3B) Declined Option
Dernell Reddick (3B) Left for Free Agency, Phil Pong (C) Left for Free Agency, Alex Bang (P) Left for Free Agency

Norfolk N'Way
Prediction – 72-90

Offensive Rank – 19th            Defensive Rank – 29th     Pitching Rank – 22nd

Best Position Player –
Jeff Knowles (C) 29th overall position player – 5th overall Catcher
Best Pitcher –
Donatello Brown (RP) 80th overall pitcher – 32nd overall Relief Pitcher
Added Players -
Casey Hollins (P)
Departed Players –
Ebenezer Karl (P) Left for Free Agency, Javy Castillo (1B) Left for Free Agency, Juan Martinez (P) Left for Free Agency

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